Uniting Hands, Growing Community, Planting the Future

The finished 4-year Project:
Huntington Community Gardens (HCG)

Huntington Community Gardens (HGC) was a collection of volunteers working together with area residents, in cooperation with local organizations, businesses, and government, to transform derelict or vacant lots into community gardens all over our City of Huntington, West Virginia.

From 2009-2012, our mission was to create gardens that foster opportunities for community engagement, education, and support, as well as economic empowerment, to return the community and its resources to the people.

HCG volunteers value the civic involvement of community members, who are the foundation for improving neighborhood vitality, and the fruits of the earth, which are required to nourish our world. We envisioned a community where sustainable environmental stewardship fosters safe, vibrant, healthy spaces of beauty and bounty.

Our Goals were to:

  1. Create Safe Spaces for community interaction and fun across all ages, cultures and incomes;
  2. Create Local Sustainable Food Sources for area residence, Food Banks and Missions.
  3. Create Spaces of Beauty by encouraging the creation of a variety garden types including Flower, Desert & Rock, Art, Butterfly, and Senior/Challenged Accessible;
  4. Engage and Educate the public on Nutrition, Environment, Stewardship, Diversity and Civic Responsibility in cooperation with local Schools, Libraries, and other area organizations;
  5. Help Beautify Huntington to attract new citizens and businesses to the area.

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